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Annual physical exams, performed at the time of vaccinations, are recommended to determine your pet’s health status. A physical exam gives the doctor a look into your pet’s mouth, ears, eyes and throat. The lymph nodes are all palpated for enlargement and the abdomen is felt for pain or abdominal masses. The pet is examined for lumps and skin conditions and the heart is ausculted to assure appropriate rate and rhythm.
Pets five years of age and older should have blood work completed to evaluate organ function and blood cells. These results give veterinarians another tool to make the best medical decisions for the animals especially before administering anesthesia. Routine blood work can be completed right here in the clinic with our in-house Heska lab equipment.

Surgical patients receive careful observation while under general anesthesia. Heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and cardiac rhythm are continuously monitored. Blood pressure is monitored using a doppler to assure that the organs are adequately perfused throughout the procedure and if not treatment is initiated.

Abdominal ultrasound is available for patients to gain a different perspective of what’s going on in the body than x-rays offer. We are able to determine the architecture of organs such as the kidney, liver, spleen and bladder. Additionally ultrasound can be used to diagnose pregnancies in small animals before a skeletal structure can be seen on x-ray.

Ultrasound is also available on the large animal side for equine reproduction and lameness issues related to tendon injuries.

X-rays are a great tool to look at what’s going on in the body. X-rays can not only be used to determine broken bones, but also to look at the lungs for pneumonia, the heart for signs of cardiac disease, the liver for signs of enlargement, the spleen for masses, and the kidneys size and shape. The things that can be revealed on an x-ray are endless making them a great diagnostic tool for both small animals and horses.

Our full facility offers a barn and stocks for examinations and treatments, two indoor stalls for horses that need to be confined out of the weather, and a number of outdoor corrals. The open space and circle drive makes driving in a horse trailer very convenient. Services extend from lameness exams, reproduction and colic to surgery such as castrations and lump removals.
Herd health, pregnancy evaluation, bangs vaccinations, breeding soundness exams, c-sections and all of your livestock needs. Visit the clinic to pick up your vaccine and retail products.